I cannot begin to tell you the enormously positive influence which Lone Star had on my father's life on and off the field.  I have heard my father talk about Lone Star since I was born. From everything he has ever told me, Lone Star's Sioux Indian heritage was at the core of his identity. I can't believe that Linda Waggoner continues to pursue her attack on him. From my own experience, I only wish that she would (or could) speak with any of the men who, like my father, were influenced so profoundly by him to determine the authenticity of his Indian lineage.

I just read your article on Cougfan.com, keep up the good work.  It's about time we start claiming what is rightfully ours. To help this fly, we should start thinking about pushing for a name change of our stadium.  "Martin" was a Husky and the donation his family gave was well in the past. I feel "Dietz Field" or "Lone Star Stadium" would help enlighten many about our history.  A bronze statue of Dietz in front of the stadium would also be nice.

Again, thanks for the good work.
--Kory Vaught

Sara J. MacDonald, Public Services Librarian
of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia discovered a newspaper article about Lone Star doing a war dance.

From the 12/20/1907 edition of The Philadelphia Record

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From Sheldon Cohen, son of Albright College football star Gus Cohen:

Fred Lookout courtesy of Alan Smith, of Mechanicsburg, PA
To find out more click on the following links and search for
Lookout on the Cumberland County Historical Society web site:

A Statue for Lone Star?