Keep A-goin’: the life of Lone Star Dietz has garnered a number of positive reviews:

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The author's obvious passion for his subject truly carries the book above and beyond the average biography. The reader can't help but to become utterly caught up in the enthusiasm of the book and its story.  Secondly, the interior of the book is artfully designed, and the use of  photographs adds to the amazing story being told. In addition to the photographs, the history is also captured by the author's varied and in-depth research.
- Writer's Digest

Tom Benjey has written engagingly about the life and times of Lone Star Dietz, a notable football player and coach during the first half of the past century. It is a fascinating tale of a skillful player and innovative coach who made significant contributions to the game that framed his life. Benjey's work, however, is much more than an interesting sports story. It is a penetrating examination of triumphs and tragedies in the life of a man confronted with daunting social and cultural obstacles. Benjey's biography of Dietz is full of insights about one man's search for personal identity in a complex and confounding socio-cultural context. As such, it is a memorable American story.
--John J. Patrick, Professor Emeritus of Education,
  Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Congratulations on finishing, Tom.  And your website is terrific.  I just watched the newsreel of the 1916 Rose Bowl (tried to spot Fritz Pollard, but couldn't).  This is great material.
--Michael Oriard, author of "King Football" and three other books on sports and sports literature

Congratulations! I checked out your website - what great material!
The more you look at Carlisle the more amazing it is. What an absolutely fabulous story. Where do I buy a copy of the book?
---Bill Crawford, author of "All American: the rise and fall of Jim Thorpe" as well as numerous books on American life.

Few fans truly understand the impact Lone Star Dietz had on football, both in the college and professional ranks.  As a WSU Cougar fan, it warms my heart to to hear he is finally getting his due recognition.
--Darin Watkins, Public Information Officer,
  WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

I went to your web site and downloaded your chapter 9. I am no great fan of college football (formula 1 reigns, soccer is second), but I loved reading every single page of it. I am astonished how many fine illustrations that you were able to include.  I look forward to read the entire book as soon as it becomes available. Surely, the character of Lone Star Dietz becomes more vivid with every page.
--Roger Rick

Wonderful website! I am a distant relative who has been interested in the history of Lonestar....This is a great site and I will be sure to look at it often...Thanks, lots of great info!
--Cheryl Dietz

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